The Subtleties of Lyon

This past month, I had the privilege of traveling to Lyon, France, and was blown away by its architecture, quaint, almost hidden alleyways, and the beautiful church overlooking the city, Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière.


Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière


The architecture draws from both the Roman and Byzantine empires.

If you’re not in awe when you look at the intricacies of every detail of this church, you’re a robot.

After sitting in the pew and just taking in all of the beauty, my family and I walked down stairs that led to Vieux Lyon, or Old Lyon.



The bright colors of the houses on each side of the narrow “street” felt like I was somewhere in Italy, rather that the middle of France.



Walking down the cobbled streets in Vieux Lyon reminded me of walking down the streets of Verona, with boutique mom-and-pop stores on each side, restaurants, and pastry shops, with pâtissières, beckoning you to try their chocolates, breads, and gelato. It was a feast for the eyes and the stomach.

Exploring the city gave me an idea of the quintessential French culture, but also the Roman and Italian influences that have remained to this day, evident in the architecture.

Being in Lyon was food for the soul. Basking in the sun and the heat was a much needed reprieve from the brutal Chicago winter. The people were tre charmante. And the Italian food and delicious pastries kept this vegetarian with a smile on her face at all times. Most importantly, I got to experience all of the magic with my family, who live in various countries across the globe. The family reunion could not have been more perfect. If you can take family trips, especially to Lyon, you should.

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